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What Causes More Accidents Than Drunk Driving?

What Causes More Accidents Than Drunk Driving?

sweet dreamsWhat causes more accidents than drunk driving?  Sleepy driving.  And what is making people sleepy?  In many cases it’s poor sleep health.  How do you know if you have poor sleep health?  What does this have to do with the dentist?

These are some of the questions that were answered at the course attended last weekend in Seattle on sleep health, and that I hope to answer over the next couple of months on this blog.  

First, what does the dentist have to do with sleep health?  Sleep problems can easily be screened during a dental exam.  It’s as simple as that.  An average patient that spends 2 hours / year in the dental chair with the 2 annual cleanings.  A large portion of that 2 hours is spent peering down at the mouth and throat where signs of poor sleep health can be obvious to those who are trained.  

The tongue is a prime example.  The shape and position of the tongue can be a major factor affecting the amount of oxygen you get at night.  The following illustration shows the different shapes of the tongue and throat that can contribute to sleep problems.  These problems can easily be discovered by dental health care providers who have had the proper training.  


Do you have good sleep health?  A simple screening process completed with a trained dentist can help answer this question.  

Sweet dreams!  

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