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The Blood In Your Gums Goes To Your Heart!

The Blood In Your Gums Goes To Your Heart!

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Recently I attended a class on gum disease and heard a statement that really caught my attention. The speaker was talking about how important it is that we use language that patients understand and not big term words that just go right over their heads. She said that when she is talking about gum disease she says,
“The blood in your gums goes to your heart.  If there is an infection in your gums, it will spread to your heart.  We need to treat this infection”.
To me, this statement seemed to be a little too strong, a bit too basic, and just way too obvious. I mean seriously, everyone knows this right? Everyone understands that periodontal disease affects your health and that today there is a vast amount of evidence and studies and proof that connects gum disease with other health problems.  This is common knowledge is it not?    
Then, suddenly, it just hit me. No, my patients don’t understand that the infection of gum disease will spread to their entire body and affect their total health!  If they did, they would happily and anxiously accept our treatment recommendations! This is often not the case in our practice. We have many patients who want only the cheapest cleaning, the one that insurance covers 100%. Over the years, this has been one of the most frustrating and discouraging facts about my practice. Why don’t people choose health?
Suddenly, here right before me was the answer! Because we have not communicated clearly what is going on. Once an individual understands what is happening, they gladly choose health over illness!  Who wouldn’t?      
Our most excellent instructor that day provided some very easy and effective tips for getting this message across.  I was motivated enough by what she had to say that I have hired her to come into my office and train my staff on how to help patients achieve better health.
Even though we have just begun, the results have already been amazing. There is an excitement in the office that I haven’t felt for a long time!  I am excited about health and wellness, and I finally understand how to effectively encourage others down this pathway.  
In the months to follow it is my plan to outline specifically how the gums are connected to the rest of your body, and what you can do to keep that connection healthy.  

-Dr. Robbie R. Hamblin D.M.D. 

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