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Steps to Sterilization

Steps to Sterilization

Our office recently went to an infection control class. A lot of different things were said and advised. Some things such as: Cleaning and sterilizing instruments, keeping the ops. clean, washing hands before and after patients amongst many other things. There are many great things that we learned and have been so excited about that we started implementing them into our office. 
There are many different approaches that we have and take in order to help minimize our patients risk of infection. There is one in specific that stands out to me and that I would like to share with you today! That is our cassette reprocessing cycle. There are five steps that we take with great caution. 

DSC_0790First Step: Cleaning of the cassettes- through an Ultrasonic. 
The ultrasonic removes all microscopic particles. 

DSC_0815Second Step: Wrapping of the cassettes.
All cassettes are wrapped and marked with external indicator tape.
Before the sterilization process begins, lines on tape are white. 

DSC_0836Third Step: Sterilization of the Cassettes. 
After the sterilization process, the indicator lines on the tape will darken. 

DSC_0844Fourth Step: Maintaining a Sterile Storage for the Cassettes. 
Sterilized cassettes are stored in a manner that reduces the potential for contamination. Cassettes are not opened until point of use. 

DSC_0856Fifth Step: Quality Assurance. 
Sterility assurance of processed instruments are verified weekly. 


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