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Dose of Xylitol

Dose of Xylitol

Hello all!
We have been talking a lot about Xylitol! We started off two weeks ago introducing Xylitol, and its amazing benefits. Last week we discussed the main product that we carry in our office “Spry” that contains xylitol. Today I would like to talk about the dosage of xylitol one can intake per day.

Xylitol changes the amount of saliva and the acidity of it, it helps keep the teeth and the mouth cleaner. Due to it changing the acidity levels in your mouth, it then prevents bacteria from sticking to your teeth, which then prevents dental caries. 🙂

Having five exposures throughout the day will make that difference. So what exactly is “five exposures”? It would be something like this: Brushing your teeth twice a day with Spry toothpaste, doing an oral rinse after brushing in the morning and having mints/gums spread through out the day (two mints or two gums is equivalent to one exposure). One can definitely change it up to his or her preference. If you don’t want to use the oral rinse and prefer to have mints instead, that is also ok. So Spry up with Xylitol and PREVENT caries by doing the things you are already doing!



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