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Anxiety Reduction

Anxiety Reduction

It is completely normal for some patients to feel uncomfortable, anxious, or even fearful at the dental office.  Many patients have shared with us their past dental experiences that were unpleasant, which unfortunately led them to avoid the dentist for many years.  As a result, costly and frustrating dental problems accumulated overtime. 

We want to help you overcome this barrier with the latest techniques in anxiolysis (anxiety reduction) to make your next dental appointments an enjoyable and rewarding experience, rather than a fearful and uncomfortable one.  Listed below are different options that may work for you:

IV (Intravenous) Sedation – Conscious sedation is a service that is not available at all dental offices.  It allows you to be mildly sedated during your appointment without being completely asleep.  This is not to be confused with general anesthesia that is performed in a hospital when you are completely “put under”.  Patients are able to stay completely calm and relaxed for the entire procedure and in many instances may nearly forget the whole appointment.  Click here to learn more.

Oral Medication – This is when we prescribe a sedative that you would take before your appointment to relieve any anxiety.  It is similar to those who take an anti-anxiety medication before boarding a plane if they have a fear of flying.  This method is effective for most, but the desired level of sedation is not as effective as IV sedation listed above. 

Nitrous Oxide – This is commonly known as “laughing gas” which works quickly and effectively at relieving anxiety.  It also has been known to block your body’s ability to feel pain to a varying degree depending on the individual and the amount that is used.  By the end of your appointment, the effects of it are completely gone so you are able to go about the rest of your day normally.

Local Anesthesia – It won’t be like how it used to be when you received dental work without being numb.  Anesthetics far superior than Novocaine have been developed to give patients complete pain relief.  In addition, we apply a topical numbing gel on the gums that can reduce injection discomfort significantly.

Ceiling Television – This is not something that is too good to be true!  You can literally watch TV while you lay back during your appointment.

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