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Aesthetic Dentistry

Aesthetic Dentistry

We completely understand why you would want to enhance your smile with cosmetic dentistry.  You don’t deserve to be in a social situation where you feel too embarrassed to smile as big as you want to.  When you’re out for lunch talking with friends and family, or in the middle of an important interview, the last thing you need on your mind is, “Don’t smile too big or they’ll see how bad my teeth are,” or “I hope my denture doesn’t come loose,” or even “I hope they don’t notice my missing tooth.”

The truth is, you are neither the first nor the last person to have thought this.  Our appearances can say a lot about us, especially when we are trying to make a good first impression.  Your smile is a focal point of your overall appearance and we want help you share it confidently.

When you come in for your next dental visit, we are going to listen to your concerns.  We simply just don’t want to give you a cookie-cutter solution.  We want to provide a full assessment of all your needs using digital radiographs, photographs, molds of your teeth, mock ups, and complete a thorough diagnosis.  Once we’ve evaluated everything, we can talk about all the options that’s best for you to enhance your smile.  These services may include some of the following:

Tooth Whitening



Dental Implants

Tooth Colored Fillings


Don’t feel like you have to hide your smile any longer.  We enjoy how happy our patients are with the results and we know you will too.

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