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WARNING: if you are afraid of the dentist, the following article may contain content that could make you a bit nervous. If this is the case, you should call our office immediately and ask about sedation. If, on the other hand, you are interested in what really can be done to greatly improve your experience with dental anesthetic, then please continue reading.

Getting numb is generally considered the least favorite part of a dental appointment. It is the potential of discomfort that scares people, the fear of what might happen. I have discovered, however, that things usually go better for the patient than they expect.

One of the most common responses that I hear after getting someone numb is, “that wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be!” That phrase is music to my ears, it is my mission to hear it as often as possible.

So what is the secret to comfortable anesthetic? Several things actually, but today, I want to talk about topical anesthetic!

Just for clarification, topical anesthetic is the numbing gel that is applied in your mouth at the place where the anesthetic will be given. It’s purpose is to numb the skin to make the injection more comfortable. Now there are a couple of keys to making sure this gel has maximum effect.

The most important is time. The medication needs about 2 minutes in order to work. Doesn’t seem like much, but in a busy office, I am often tempted to cheat, as I am often in a hurry.

To make sure that your topical has the best effect, we do something very simple, yet very effective. We use a timer. We have these little sand timers in the office that we give out to kids to time their brushing. These work perfectly for our topical anesthetic, so when you see that timer, you can rest assured that the topical will be working to maximum effect.

There are many other things that we do here at Brookside to help you have a better experience. I am looking forward to sharing some of these ideas with you in the near future!

Happy Flossing!

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